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‘The Wine is made in the vineyard’.


This is the name chosen for our didactic activities which represents our philosophy.

While walking through the rows there will be the possibility to admire the result of a daily working path done with great passion and this is especially useful to maximize all those factors that feature an excellent harvest.


The experience through the vineyards, led by the viticulture and territory’s expert staff, will help you in becoming part of the Calabrian Eno-gastronomy culture. While walking you will also be able to admire the entire flora and the other cultivations, depending on the season, such as the one and only Tropea’s Red Onion, while taking lots of photos in order to make imperishable sceneries that are extremely rare nowadays.


You can come with your family or with your friends and we will assure you unforgettable moments in this uncontaminated place. We will guide you in these activities during which you will learn how is it like to live an agricultural Calabrian and “Tropean” ‘s life. The visit will become a didactic moment for all ages: adults and children, families and schools will be welcomed in our farm. The expert staff will explain everything to students, and this might be the opportunity to see the birth of new fans of Eno-gastronomy.


Not only will the experience leave an unforgettable memory in your mind, but you will also learn the importance of work ethic, passion, and responsible drinking education.





Tourist visit (suitable for everyone).


Didactic visit for all (max. 10 people)


Didactic visit for schools


Themed days:

  • Music and folklore.

  • Art and photography.

  • Fitness, yoga, and meditation in the vineyard.


Info and booking in private:

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