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Climate data in Tropea

As Furchì Wine’s owners we always pay attention to the meteorological conditions which can affect summery working season somehow or other. Meteorology is one of the most fascinating and complicated science’s field. Data achieved through this kind of science are used in order to provide more definite reports and predictions which are useful for the organization of every activity (a holiday, a field trip, a work in the vineyard etc).

To provide a real-time monitoring we can fully count on weather stations placed in Tropea: among these, there’s a station which can be consulted clicking on our weather section which provide real-time data. In this way people are able to organize their own week, day or holiday weekend, even overnight.

There’s another weather station, placed in Tropea nearby the vineyards, from which we obtain climate data which can be even used for a long-term forecast. Thus, we provide the opportunity to let people organize the clothing they’re going to bring with them in June, July, August or any month they choose to come on holiday.

But this meteorological data is useful to be used in the vineyard the whole year to collect data about: rain, temperature, humidity. These are used to organize activities as well as possible and, of course, in this way we are never unprepared in case of alert in the field of the anti-cryptogamic fight.

Here below we report some data collected between 2018 and today. Data of the 3 main factors are listed month by month together with an average of the same on a basis of a data base of 30 years.

RAIN [mm]