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epi model

Some meteorological phenomena have the power to create favorable conditions to the creation of grapevine cryptogam. As soon as these conditions are in place, the downy mildew’s infections break out violently and very often operators of the sectors are ill-prepared to face this problem. In fact, the famous 3-ten rule, though very useful if used as support in strategies to protect the vineyard’s health, leads to frequent mistakes: consequently, operators may overestimate the real danger of cultivation. This is why today’s viticulture needs to have a modelling tool that is able to detect risky situations in due time, providing valid directions that explain the precautionary measures that have to applied. This tool is called Modello Epi.

Equipment and methods.

Climatic information is fundamental to use the Modello Epi correctly. This info is obtained from a weather station that is collocated nearby the vineyard and from the Tropea’s weather station. Month after month we collect all the details which are inserted in a model developed with the Excel spreadsheets. Data are then compared to other average local data made according to a base bank of the last 30 days.



The results achieved are published at the end of every month, from October to March, through data releases on this platform. It has to be said that these data will be just an approximation of the climatic conditions. These are then related to a probable development of the disease. The number obtained will be the potential for the birth of grapevine cryptogam and there will be a short comment about the things that need more attention.

The most important value will be the March one which will be published at the beginning of April and that will be a good approximation to understand whether is needed a preventive action to block the growth of the pathogen or not, always after a careful visual analysis in the vineyard.








Download area for data released and documents.

( Work in progress )

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