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Some advices about activities that can be booked in our structure:


‘Costa degli Dei’ isn’t just a day at the beach, indeed there are several activities to try out in order to get to know everything about customs and culture in Calabria.

Perhaps, not everyone knows that Tropea and its villages have always been dedicated to viticulture! Therefore, why not booking a vineyard tour to find out more about the wine making techniques and about the unique wine’s tastes of our land and, why not, even tasting some local products such as the absolute Tropea’s queen: the red onion!


Are you full after having read about all this food? Well, then the next tour will be a bike tour! Amazing ride along our coast and the promontory from which you can admire breathtaking sceneries and spots of a Calabria that doesn’t hide because due to shame but because she wants to be seduced and discovered.


Enough land talking, let’s move on to the sea. Perhaps, it might seem hard to visit our coast on time. Well, there’s nothing easier. You can book coast to coast excursion in a dinghy and in half a day you’ll have the opportunity to relax at the beach admiring the bays featuring the ‘Costa degli Dei’ and to top it off, sipping a cocktail while admiring the stunning sunsets.

And since we’re already in the sea context, why not changing course and focus on the Eolie’s Isles. In a few hours of navigations, you can explore these isles which charm is unquestioned and extremely appreciated by VIPs and sports and hiking lovers.

Did anybody mention sport? Well, our last advice is about a unique, original and extreme sport. Have you ever heard about Flyboard? Yes? No? It doesn’t matter, because in just half an hour you will have the opportunity to experience this sport guided by an expert rider, one of the greatest in Italy. You will fly and float freely above our wonderful sea.


However, many other activities are available in our territory, but we are waiting for you here to try out them together!

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