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about us

Ad altum ipsius collis

extant multa vineta.

Exat predium famosum familiae

Vulcano famosum vinetum habet

ob famous vinum

quod fere bibitur


From the same high hill many vineyards protrude. The famous estate belonging to the family Vulcano protrudes from there. The family is famous for the famous vineyard and the famous wine that is drunk.

From cronologica Collectanea (Abbot Francesco Sergio Tropea 1720)


Things haven’t changed compared with Abbot Francesco Sergio’s words, written in Cronologica Collectanea in 1720. Even today the area known as Vulcano, from the homonymous noble surname, is located in Tropea and is devoted to the vineyards’ cultivation, thanks to the family Furchì that maintain the tradition of its great-grandfather Pasquale from more than one century, enforcing the new technologies with Marco.

Furchì Wine is a brand born recently and its aim is to mix the two pillars of Tropea’s economy: tourism and enogastronomy. The stay in Casa Vacanza Furchì Wine is not a simple stay, but a journey that involves getting to know the culture, uses, customs, landscapes and gastronomy belonging to the ‘Costa degli Dei’. This thanks to the knowledge and the experience of the hosts who will be at guests’ disposal during the entire holiday, ensuring you excellent professionalism.


Wine tasting

Sunset tour


Wine tasting

Onion experience

about us

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Viale Don Mottola SNC, Loc.Vulcano, Tropea(VV) 89861  /  Tel. +39 379/1779546

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